Safes & Vaults


American Safe & Vault provides a variety of commercial safe and vault services, from installation and design to repair and safe opening. Our team uses top-quality products from leading manufacturers to create custom, open-architecture safe and vault systems. "Open-architecture" means that we can design our products to work with any existing security equipment - no matter who made it, or how old it is.

Our experienced security experts have designed, installed upgraded, and repaired safes, vault doors, and safe deposit boxes for hundreds of businesses and organizations in the greater Cleveland area. Our client list includes airlines, restaurants, retail stores, banks, credit unions, private schools, universities, and fraternal organizations.

American Safe & Vault provides a full range of safe and vault services:

  • Safe Repair
  • Safe Opening
  • Safe/Vault Design and Installation
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Remote Safe Locks
  • Electronic Safe Locks
  • Teller Stations
  • Bank Vaults

Training and Support - Any Time You Need it

At American Safe & Vault, we provide extensive training and customer support for all of our products. We don't leave until you know how to use your new security equipment - and if you have problems or questions, we're only a phone call away.

Government Services: American Safe & Vault is an Approved General Services Administration Supplier

American Safe & Vault is listed with the Department of Defense registry. Our team is trained to service X09 locks and GSA-approved vaults, file cabinets, and containers.

Contact us by clicking here to learn more about our GSA-approved, government-specific products and services.

What is "Safecracking"?

"Safecracking" is a non-technical term that's sometimes used for "safe-opening" - it's the type of word you're more likely to hear from a 1960's - era heist movie than from a reputable security company. American Safe & Vault provides safe opening services - not "safecracking." In other words, if you need a safe opened, our highly trained technicians can do that - without cracking, breaking, or damaging your safe in the process.